The association Nordic Africa Research Network (NARN) has been set up to facilitate and enhance communication and cooperation between individuals and institutions in the Nordic countries working with research and/or education regarding Africa. Nordic countries have many similarities in their economic, social and political relations to Africa today that can be fruitfully be made use of through collaboration. Nordic cooperation can furthermore importantly support network building and contacts between researchers in the Nordic countries and researchers in Africa. It can also play an important role within the European Union and thereby complement and strengthen cooperation with organisations such as Africa Europe Group of Interdisciplinary Studies (AEGIS). The objective of the cooperation is to promote the study of Africa, its languages, cultures, and societies. The cooperation shall also further the dissemination of research about Africa. NARN will in all these aspects co-operate with the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala.


The purpose of NARN is to promote cooperation between Africanists in the Nordic countries as follows; - on one’s own or in cooperation with others organise exhibitions, conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars and training courses; - publish the Nordic Journal of African Studies; - collaborate with the Nordic Africa Institute in arranging the Nordic Africa Days; - deal with any other project as decided by the General Meeting.

The NARN Board

NARN's Board constitutes 8 members that are elected for a period of 2 years. The network strives to have representatives from all the Nordic countries engaged in research on Africa.

Proscovia Svärd
Södertörn University | NARN Co-ordinator

Jonas Ewald

Linneaus University | Board Member
Uppsala University| Board Member

Carin Norberg

Mette Fog Olwig
Board Member | Department of Anthropology | Roskilde University

Axel Fleisch
University of Helsinki | Department of World Cultures | Board Member

Amanda Hammar
University of Copenhagen | Centre for African Studies | Board Member

Pétur Waldorff 
The Nordic Africa Institute |United Nations University Gender Equality Studies and Training Programme | Board Member

Marianne Millstein
The Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo Akershus University College of Applied Sciences | Board Member